Eastway Chows
Chow Chow Kennel, located in Plymouth, MA

Eastway Chows are a family in
more ways than one. All our chows are
part of our family and get the best loving care inside our home and outside in
our yards and kennels.   Our chow puppies
are ultimately meant to be a part of your family. Most become loved pets but some are showed


Our goal is to produce
healthy and happy chows. We are focusing
on both a great chow look and a great chow temperament. They are all very well socialized. Sure they are chows who need to meet you
first especially in their own home, but they will soon become your friends
especially our pups when you adopt one.
With your constant loving attention you will have a family member you
will be proud of at home and, say, just walking downtown or in the park or
along the beach.

We’re also not a big producer
of puppies, just two or three litters a year so we can concentrate on matching
the best features of our males with the best features of our females.  Our
breeding is based on American, European, and Russian bloodlines.  We don’t have enough pups to warrant
inspection or certification, we are home-based.


We are always happy to talk
with you or receive your inquiries about pups, but remember that we always
strive to match the right dog, hopefully a chow, with the right family.




If you wish to contact us by e-mail or phone, please contact us at:

Call: 508-746-7465
Email: nbbp45@yahoo.com